Cooperative Foundation






As a trade fair company organizes the cooperative the virtual Festival 21 Net
– and the World Cultural Fair of the 21st Century.

We regionalise the WorldWideWeb!







– The promotion of the arts, culture and education.
– Promotion of the cultural creators in the world.
– A constructive approach to the new media.
– The organization of the World Cultural Fair „GLOBE 21“.
– Building a global regional editorial network.
– Opening of a multilingual dialogue of the present.
– Moderation of this dialogue of humanity about relevant issues.
– Provision of the logistics for charitable interests.
– Open source development of service programs.
– Promotion of social commitment.
– Supporting of ethical and environmentally responsible action.



We cordially invite you to become an online member of the cooperative „COMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED“.
Together we create a lot of synergies.

Good is what is good for everyone!