Fata Morgana – A Mirage

In my dream I travel through the desert land

Where as far as the eye can see is only sand.

From heat and searing winds protection to provide,

I am covered from head to toe in cotton white.

My camel breathing and treading in steady pace,

Noonday’s sun with blazing heat burning my face.

The rhythm of camel’s pace nearly lulling me to sleep,

When stunningly a wondersome picture I perceive.

Eyes and mouth parched from the desert’s heat,

My heart leaps and I feel like dancing within my seat.

Palm trees in a row – a blue pond – birds chirping!

Is all this real – or is it noonday’s heat enchanting?

Moving on I realize I should have reached the place

Where wonder of wonders had stunned my gaze.

Where are the palm trees in a row – where’s the pond?

Where are the birds that seemed so close, over beyond?

All my eye can see far and wide is sand, all but sand.

Vanished is the wonder I almost touched by hand.

Eyes n lips still parched n blistered by desert’s heat,

A Fata Morgana had caused my heart to skip a beat.

This is the age when we build castles in the air;

5G – Cloud Storage – WiFi – Internet – leading where?

To access our favourite memories, we depend

On Computers, Laptops, Androids, without end.

We pass our time for hours playing real-time games,

Causing surges of adrenaline racing through our veins.

While in a dark room our body on a chair is slumped,

Eyes riveted on a screen – ears with earphones plugged.

All this is programming – enormous information;

Can it stand the test against God’s Creation?

What is a man-made rocket flying to the moon

Against the wonder of a living flower’s bloom?

Can our heart still rejoice over nature’s beauty?

Do we savour and cherish creation’s bounty?

Be aware of AI’s wide range of enchantment;

Let not this mirage lead you to disappointment.

You are Unique – you’re Alive – Alive every bit!

Use AI – use it well – never depend on it!

Ever do remember, you’re a gifted Human!

Live, Love, Enjoy and be Grateful for every Moment!


JD (Johanna Devadayavu) – 30.08.2020

Laharinagar – Tirunelveli – TN India