Dreamwork for my Family


I had stopped my tale when my beloved brother had left his physical body.

I was in a shock as little girl of 6 years.
I did not realize he was dead, and no one told me this clearly.
My parents did not talk to me about it, or with each other in
my presence. I was not taken to his funeral.
Nobody was helping me or talking with me about it.

I could not mourn or cry. My heart and throat were drying out,
at least to other human beings.
They seemed increasingly unreal to me while I was travelling and living
in other worlds.
I became really silent and withdrawn, communicating with trees and moss
and mushrooms in the forests instead, or with wind and water, the soil
and grasslands of my mother earth.
They were always there for me, caring and comforting me.

And I got to know other beings and realms, those of the gnomes and dwarfs,
the elves and fairies, the beings of water and wind.
And others, giant and small, beautiful and terrific.
But not all were always kind and supportive, some were tricky and mean;
leading me astray, terrorizing my sleep and dreams at night, making me
wonder if I was wake or dreaming often.

Tearing at my body, heart and soul and feeding from my life force or making
my fears and nightmares come true in my human life.
And not only mine but also those of my parents, family and ancestors,
pushing all unsolved issues to the surface and into the physical realm.

How can a child bear and survive such a trial?
I can answer this now, holding the child inside warm and safe in my
own inner parents arms.

I was created to do this, and so I was able to do it.
And I was created as two in one, with my brother as my guiding sun.

I was powered by a huge selfhealing force from my mother earth,
with an incredible ability to stand pain, fear and suffering.
I was gifted with a brilliant creative mind and an artistic soul
to channel my inner feelings and movements and to look at all
from a more distant and observing view.
My feelings were deep like the ocean, and though I could not share
them really with other humans they enabled me to dive in and through
all I was experiencing without fully leaving my body, which additionally
responsed with alot of psychosomatic reactions to give me important
and necessary hints and keys.

And my beautiful soul brother flooded and blessed me continuously with
golden light from the place of his highest Self in Gods sacred Gardens.

Now and here, I can say:
We are one and whole on soul plane and from highest view, but not yet on human plane.
I am not yet fully alive with all my aspects, but in great progress!

All is very fine and in sync with the divine orchestra,
nothing is lost or too late.
I am truly blesssed and happy, and so he is.
At least on higher planes.
My human self is sometimes stumbling and falling, doubting and questioning,
complaining and crying, but that is not a problem.

We need to pick ourselves up again, encourage and comfort
ourselves, listen to ourselves in unbreakable patience and love.
This way we can make it, whatever may come.

I am very happy for you listening and caring, you give me and my story
meaning and purpose. As this all was not happening and experienced only
for my own sake, but for all of us.

I will continue next time by sharing my experiences in detail of the
different landscapes of death or the different astal planes I have
passed through.
It is a very important lesson included, not only for the physical death coming one day
but very much for our life here and now and for our very normal human matters each day.

Will you follow me?
Thank you.
I love you.

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