The first stage of our death is the loss of our physical body.
We literally leave it. We are a bundled consciousness gathered
in a conglomerate called soul.
Our soul is light but also gathered experiences of all our lived existances
and even those of others.
This is it what makes out the great challenge.
It is indeed very individual and special, everone has his or her own
specific trials and challenges to master, in life as well as in death.



One can even say the soul is the life sparc to animate and keep the
physical realm and body alive and running. Saying this it is inevitable there
build bonds and attachments to the physical too for the sake to protect and maintain
the physical life our soul inhabits. It has helped me alot to sense this soul
more a feminine force caring for the physical. Physically related fears
and issues are very much connected to the soul and its gathered experiences
over all the lived lifes and existances.
In the moment of physical death we are challenged foremost with all those
fears and attachments related to our physical body and earthly life.
And as much as these are somehow feminine aspects of ourselves
we are able to solve and release them in a femine way.
Our soul leaves our physical body in the same way as it has entered it
when we were still in the womb of our earthly mother:
Through the root chakra. This is why birth and death are so similar
and experienced as a passage through a dark narrow tunnel with feelings
and sensations of pressure, darkness and great fear that feels quite
physical still. That passage is the birth channel of our own body,
to pass down through our first, the root chakra, into the astral realm.
The solution to be able to pass lies in a femine way:
Relaxation, trust, surrendering to the process.
Alike to giving birth.
Yet the knowledge and clearness necessary to be able to do so
we are talking about right now lies in a clear undistracted mind.
This is an aspect in my comprehension and experience I relate
to be more masculine. I have realized this as the clear spirit
we all have as force and energy too apart from our soul.
It is the ability to see things from a clear and unemotional
standpoint or view and observe and manage.
It is a lovely and helpful approach to sense these two forces
as our inner divine mother and father aspects.
To fully realize and practically train these two aspects of
ourselves and bring them into harmony for a loving and effective
cooperation is the key for a happy conscious life and a good
and conscious death.
Speaking of practical application let us now come to when and how
we can use these insights in our human and every day life:
We can and shall practice to use our inner feminine as well as
masculine aspects in all the physically challenging situations
life brings. Examples are
–  physical pain
–  physical illness
– physical exhaustion
– sexuality and orgasm
– the female menstruation
– birth of a child
– all fears related to being physically threatened, injured,
abused or killed.
All the mentioned situations and challenges are necessary to be explored
and trained by females AND males independand of an own
physical experience. All these are crucial and inevitable human issues
we cannot evade to face in our life or death.
No matter if due to own actual experiences or those of others
the solution and release lies in this loving and effective
coworking of our inner male and female.
The inner male or father providing a clear light of knowledge,
overlooking and managing the situation, guiding and encouaging,
but also shielding and protecting, offering strength and hold.
Compassion for all the feminine.
The inner female of mother providing unconditional love, warmth
and comfort, nourishing and devotional.
Trust and believe in the masculine.
Remember we ALL have both in us, and the more we empower the
true strength of both and bring them into harmony by daily practice
the more we can apply this in the face of our physical death as well.
Looking at our life it is a beautiful task to find our center in all that encounters
or challenges us and finding harmony in the midst of these two poles
being really a divine loving couple.
And this is the most important message to give you related to life AND death:
LOVE is the medicine within for anything. Love and compassion, patience and
understanding, trust and faith. To the things outside, to the things inside,
which in reality are ONE.
Do not fear the death, do not fear the life.
Practice love over all – selflove, love in action, love in devotion.


Blessings for all of you listening,
and thank you very much.
… <3 Ulrike


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