What is a CU?


CU is the abbreviation of „Communications Unlimited“.

This is the name of the Cooperative Society, which will establish the economic conditions towards the realization of their charitable goals.


At the same time we call our Crypto-Currency CU („See You“).

This Currency plays an important economic factor towards the realization of the „Regionalization of the Internet“ and also in the Media of Communication of humanity in the 21st Century.


The Cooperative COMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED (i.Gr.) organizes the economic utilization of the 21Net Festival and of the World Culture Fair GLOBE21.


More information about the 21Net Festival:



More information about the World Culture Fair GLOBE 21:




Besides that, the Cooperative generates the freely tradable Crypto-Currency CU, for financing their charitable statutory objectives. The Cooperative will circulate this Currency with due responsibility.

The voting right concerning emissions and transactions will be exercised through the majority of the Members of the Cooperative and the Online Members of the 21Net.Community.





Only the establishment of the (soon to be) tradable Cryptocurrency „CU“, by which all services and extensively required tasks of the Open Source-Community will be paid, will make the realization of the WorldCultureFair possible.


„CU“ is the official currency of the 21Net.Community. All Services and Offers of the 21NetFestival and of the WorldCultureFair will be traded – independent of Banks and Governments – by this International and free Currency.

The acquisition of CU („See You“) is possible in two ways:


Either by the purchase of the Currency (rather promotional shares „FairShare“) by Investors,


or by evidence of work like, programming, translations, accounting – or any other services within the projects of the OpenSource-Community.


The larger the OpenSource Projects of the Community i.e. the InternetFestival and the WorldCultureFair expand, the more will be the value of the Currency CU. All the Co-Workers and Investors will profit from such an increase of value.



Investors who recognize the development potential of the Projects even at this early stage of the realization, facilitate a start-up funding by their investments and they will certainly participate with a worthy rate of return according to their expectations. Through a steady expansion of the international Cooperatives and OpenSource Partnerships the CU will continue to gain in value.

Moreover the CU bears yet another value for all the participants and investors – a worth that will exceed the expected increase in value: It will imply the Image of WorldCulturePromotion.





Here the innovate Blockchain-Technology and the Concept of the WorldCultureFair of the 21st Century meet in a perfect manner.

The Global ChainCode of the Blockchain of COMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED enables all digital transactions worldwide – without the intervention of a bank or a third party. If for example anyone acquires a piece of Art of an Artist (Musician, Author…), the Client will pay the Originator directly through direct sale.

All the virtual identities of the WorldCultureFair – as digital identities of the Blockchain – will be able to conclude Smart Contracts among each other:

P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B and payments for services and other things.




The needed computing power for the Crypto Currency, the 21NetFestival and the WorldCultureFair will be immense. The capacity requirements for data storage will not be covered by a central Computer Center, but by many decentralised Computers that offer to make a part of their storage capacity available. Anyone who offers storage capacity will be paid in the convertible Currency CU.

All the OpenSource Programmers, Translators, Regional Editors, and any other helpers at the construction of GLOBE21, will be paid in CU. Thus the Fair-Currency CU represents an actual rendered service, that will facilitate the participation in the added value by all the persons involved.





To establish a Crypto Currency is connected with a huge effort and it costs a lot of money. For the start-up financing of the CU-Currency we need funds that we partly intend to realize through a limited issuing of promotional shares (FairShare).

As more Cooperatives are established and Artists take part, and as more of the progress of the virtual Media-Events of the 21NetFestival and the WorldCultureFair will be made visible, the faster will be the value development of the CU for the benefit of all participants.

This moment in the genesis of the global Network21 is thus the chance for probable high returns through the raise in value of the CU that is expected in the future.





The 21Net.Community places the opening quotation for 1 CU at 1.- Euro (1:1).

The limited requirements of the numbered Promotional Shares represent a total value of 360 000.- CU.



Purchase one of the limited CU grant shares (FairShare). They will be entered in the hyperledger blockchain after the start of the cryptocurrency and be freely convertible.



African Drum

FairShare 3.- CU

(Limitiert: 222 Exemplare)

Earth Hang

FairShare 12.- CU

(Limit: 2000 Exemplare)

Earth Veena

FairShare 48.- CU

(Limit: 1000 Exemplare)

Earth Gong

FairShare 75.- CU

(Limitiert: 400 Exemplare)









Earth Oud

FairShare 144.- CU

(Limitiert: 200 Exemplare)

Shaman Drum

FairShare 210.- CU

(Limitiert: 100 Exemplare)

Earth Horn

FairShare 390.- CU

(Limitiert: 75 Exemplare)

Earth Bowl

FairShare 633.- CU

(Limitiert: 50 Exemplare)









Earth Harp

FairShare 999.- CU

(Limitiert: 30 Exemplare)

Earth Cello

FairShare 1.200.- CU

(Limitiert: 20 Exemplare)

Earth Piano

FairShare 4.800.- CU

(Limitiert: 10 Exemplare)

Earth Guitar

FairShare 6.933.- CU

(Limitiert: 5 Exemplare)







For more information and our business plan contact us here:



Trade with CU

As soon as the digital Currency CU will be available, (Time-target to reach this milestone is 21.09.2019) the CU-Portfolio-Tool will be a beneficial Instrument to obtain an optimum prize during purchase and sale.






The Economy

The REGIONAL INTERNET as a Global Network will be the Medium for Communication for us ALL. The revenues will flow into charitable Projects worldwide.

The turnover potential of GLOBE21 is sheerly inexhaustible. Even the beginnings of the Event 21NetFestival offer potential turnovers, whose proportions depend on the global participation of the Creators of Art.

It is assumed that the free distribution and promotion-offers will be utilized by an ever growing number of Music Groups and Artists. A numerous audience will follow – and therewith also the Commercial Providers.


The Revenues

Especially through the leasing of virtual Fair Booths and the Promotion21 for commercial purposes, the expenses of the creative Artists for the promotion of Art will be met.

Beyond that it is to be expected that the increase in value of the CU-Currency will bring in large yearly returns that will flow into the charitable funds of the 21Net.Community. Therewith ecological and humanitarian Projects will be financed worldwide.


Accessible Aims of our Enterprises are:


The change towards an unrivalled social relationship among humanity of the 21st Century.


Clean Drinking Water for Everyone.


Free Energy for All.


No more Hunger in the World.




Join in!