– The promotion of art, culture and education.
– Promotion of cultural workers in the world.
– A constructive approach to the new media.
– The organization of the world cultural fair „GLOBE 21“.
– Building a global regional editorial network.
– Opening of a multilingual dialogue of the present.
– Moderation of this dialogue of humanity on relevant topics.
– Providing logistics for charitable interests.
– Open source development of service programs.
– promoting social engagement.
– Support for ethical and environmentally conscious action.


Look at how this works:


The Internet is revolutionizing our lives in an unprecedented way.

We regionalise the WorldWideWeb!




With accurate geographic search results, this logistical innovation makes it possible to regionalize the Internet. This will give the internet a new dimension.

The user specifically chooses the range of geographic navigation:





The „Locate21System“ allows the creation of regional editorships in every country, region and place in the world.



The regional editorial teams moderate important social and ethical issues in the language areas of the regions. Through constant development, all the languages ​​of the world can finally be included in this forward-looking dialogue of humanity.



 The global network for artists


As artists – for artists – we want to promote an exchange among the creatives of the world.
Together we can surpass ourselves.



The goal of the community 21 is to promote world culture in the 21st century. Imagine a virtual festival on the internet …



The InternetFestival 21Net


We are planning this media event of the 21st century.
Here all musicians, authors and artists get the free possibility to present their art optimally and to distribute it directly. Here, there will be ideal conditions from the idea to the realization of a production. Here you will find your audience and here you will be found.

To the left and right of the many paths that connect the different stages on the virtual place are tents of festival visitors and exhibition stands of providers of various products and services.

Whether live broadcasts or streaming general recordings – the Net Festival provides each artist with the tools they need to stage their shows.

Neither the festival nor publishers nor intermediaries are involved in the revenues of musicians, artists and authors. The rights belong solely to the authors.



Their audience will following the culture-creating musicians and artists.

The virtual identities of the visitors (avatars) are three-dimensional. They can see each other and communicate with each other or create their own festival program. You can present yourself, exchange ideas or organize your own event.



This new type of advertising is discreet and becomes the information you are looking for. PROMOTION 21 can be precisely navigated geographically through the Locate21 system. Of course, a promotional booking with local or regional range is much cheaper than a national or global one.




If you would like to offer services or products on the virtual terrain of the festival, you can rent a tent or an exhibition stand. Tents and fair booth are the virtual presences of the Internet Festival.
These tents can be used, for example, for events, exhibitions, shops, therapeutic offers, virtual offices or online lectures and seminars.
Visitors to the festival who are interested in a offer can enter the stand virtually. They can communicate with you and use your offer or buy your product. The transactions made by the tent owners within their virtual presence are commission-free and are the sole responsibility of the tent operators.



One of the amazing effects of the LOCATE21system is the duplication of stages, tents and fair booth: A single stage or tent or booth on the virtual festival place is multiplied by the regionalization by a thousand.

The monthly rent for a tent or exhibition stand depends on the size and the selected range of the geographical visibility. The rent for a global presence is, of course, more expensive than for a tent with a regional or local offer. If necessary, a rather small tent can be temporarily enlarged virtually to accommodate hundreds or thousands of virtual visitors.
Also, a regional tent can be expanded nationwide or even globally if needed.




The mirror of the world


The 21Net virtual festival is to establish itself and grow into the virtual world cultural fair of the 21st century. This will greatly contribute to the cultural awakening of humanity in the 21st century.
If the InternetFestival 21Net takes place on a virtual festival site, the venue of the world cultural fair GLOBE21 is the earth itself.

Together we play a great game that is more than just a game. With our virtual identities, we can soon travel the globe virtually. The LocateSystem21 enables virtual travel to all regions of the world. Explore the culture, geographical facts and traditions, languages and spirituality of the inhabitants of each region! Yes, communicate live with them!




So, without having to travel miles by plane or car, we can virtually attend conferences and events or visit the virtual identities of our partners and friends to interact with them. In fact, this means a significant relief of traffic.

The World Cultural Fair provides tools to build true-to-scale virtual 3D homes. In every cultural region of the world, non-profit organizations can build their online presence on free virtual places. Virtual building sites for commercial or private purposes can be rented. The proceeds go without exception to projects of the common good.


For example, the global service programs of the World Cultural Fair can help to ensure that the resources of the world are distributed responsibly and in a fairer way.




Open Mind and Open Source

We invite you to creative self-realization with self-interest. There is a need for open source programmers, translators, regional editors, technicians, developers, creatives …
The Community 21Net is looking for people around the world who enjoy using their creative skills and self-interest for the good of all.



To finance our charitable goals, the cooperative generates the freely tradable Cryptocurrency CU.

The acquisition of CU („See You“) is possible in two ways:
Either by buying the currency from investors or through work, such as programming, translation, accounting and other services within our open source projects.
All employees and investors will benefit from the shared value creation. Win win.

Our intent is to earn a lot of capital to support charitable projects around the world.
The profits generated by Promotion21 and the rental of tents and exhibition stands are invariably used to promote ethical, ecological and humanitarian projects for the benefit of humanity’s cultural development in the 21st century.


Achievable goals of our enterprises are:

The transformation to an unrivaled society;
Clean drinking water for everyone;
Renewable energy for all …