Brothers and sisters,
joy is in the heart of Life!
Do you feel the power and drive of spring?
Do you feel the movement, upwards and expanding?
What is there in the past,
in ancient dark times,
still clutching or struggling;
is it really useful or helpful
to deal with any questions
about fault, duty or responsibilities?
Where is the enemy, where is the consequence
of a judgement about wrong or right?
This is nothing that has anything to do
with your life now.
Look up into the blue skies,
enjoy the birds sing and fly,
feel the spring breeze on your skin!
The old bounds and duties are left behind
the second you choose this.
No analysing or reprogramming
will solve your past,
no correcting, recovery or goodwill is necessary.
And fault is not lightened by putting
the fault from you to your brother.
Look: There is nothing left
of darkness and burden
the second you choose this.
Where is the life?
Only now.
Where is the love?
In the now.
When is the joy?
Here and now.

II wished I could take you
to the place where you all
are meant to be.
I would in this very moment.
As it is in this very moment.
But it is not mine, it is your step.
Step back into your presence
and treasure the ultimate pleasure.
I want to ring the bells of freedom
for you,
my sparkling brothers and sisters,
and guide you with this sound
to the everlasting realms of freedom.
For the sake of love and eternity in peace.
I am waiting for you.
Your brother and friend
in the realms of the heavens in you.

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