The Academy of Harmonic designed the Infrastructure and the Communicating-Tools by which a multilingual global exchange in all the regions of the world can be realized.

Through the precize search-results in terms of content and in terms of geography the logistic innovation of the „Locate-System21“ renders the possibility to Regionalize the World-Wide Web.

This will render a new dimension to the Internet. The „Locate 21“ allows virtual travels into every cultural region of the earth.




Our Navigation System allows a precise definition of target groups not only according to content-related classification criteria but it specializes in the definition of any geographical range looked for.

The „Locate-System“ offers the user the following ranges and possibilities of Geographical Navigation:

  • local

  • regional

  • countrywise

  • continental

  • global






The Foundation organizes a Global Communication Network for the translation of relevant contents.

It will also be the duty of the Regional Editorial Teams to moderate the initiated important social issues according to the population of the respective language region. Through continuous development in this pattern, finally all the languages of the world can be included in this trailblazing dialog.

With the help of Locate-System it is possible to freely initiate a regional communication room in any region of the world.

No offices are needed for the establishment of a regional communication room. A computer with Internet is sufficient.

The communication within the various countries will be conducted in the local languages.

These regional communication rooms will coordinate the local and regional Stages and the Regional Edition of the world wide Internet Magazine „NetZine21“. All the needed means and programme structures for creative designing will be rendered freely to the Regional Editorials of the Community21.




One of the interesting possibilities that „Locate-System21“ offers is the organization of the „21net Festival“ and the „World Culture Fair“.

A Stage on the virtual Festival-Grounds can be used simultaneously as Global, Continental, National, Regional, and Local. This means: An Artist can use the same stage, visible on the virtual Festival-Grounds for Global Presentations, also on other geographical levels.

The LocateSystem21 multiplies every Stage on each geographical level many thousand-fold. In this way a programme can be presented Globally simultaneously in every Region of a Country (for example in the respective National or Regional language).

As there will be several Stages of various genres on the Festival-Grounds, every artistic expression will find an opportunity for cultural diversity down to the regional and local structures of the world. Thus, not at last, the Creators of Culture in the world are invited to found Dependencies in their own geografical environment.




Everywhere on the planet, on every Continent, in every Country, in every Region and in every Place, Regional Editorial Departments can be established, to build up the Regional Internet together.

In every Region of a Country on earth, a Regional Dependency shall interact with the World-Community.

This will significantly enhance the culture and creativity of humanity.



The function „LOCAL“ of the Locate-System (= place of a region in a country) will connect the virtual Festival-Ground with the local reality. This is the intersection that connects virtuality with reality.

The „LOCAL-Function“ will for example allow a participant of the festival to order food or drinks at a pizza-delivery service center, while they attend a Global Event on one of the stages at the Festival.



Purchase one of the limited CU grant shares (FairShare). They will be entered in the hyperledger blockchain after the start of the cryptocurrency and be freely convertible.



African Drum

FairShare 3.- CU

(Limitiert: 222 Exemplare)

Earth Hang

FairShare 12.- CU

(Limit: 2000 Exemplare)

Earth Veena

FairShare 48.- CU

(Limit: 1000 Exemplare)

Earth Gong

FairShare 75.- CU

(Limitiert: 400 Exemplare)









Earth Oud

FairShare 144.- CU

(Limitiert: 200 Exemplare)

Shaman Drum

FairShare 210.- CU

(Limitiert: 100 Exemplare)

Earth Horn

FairShare 390.- CU

(Limitiert: 75 Exemplare)

Earth Bowl

FairShare 633.- CU

(Limitiert: 50 Exemplare)









Earth Harp

FairShare 999.- CU

(Limitiert: 30 Exemplare)

Earth Cello

FairShare 1.200.- CU

(Limitiert: 20 Exemplare)

Earth Piano

FairShare 4.800.- CU

(Limitiert: 10 Exemplare)

Earth Guitar

FairShare 6.933.- CU

(Limitiert: 5 Exemplare)







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