• Now speak the Words of Oneness


    before I start talking to you

    let me assure you:

    You are closer than close to me.

    You are not before me and I don´t speak to

    nobody else.

    You are in my heart, you are in my mind.

    You are one with my soul and you are

    a sparkling piece of beautiful light

    in the Sacred Heart.

    And really,

    I cannot speak to you.

    There is only the love,

    an I can only touch the vision of a You

    with the pulsing flow of the eternal love,

    which is gently collecting

    all these bits of Mes and Yous

    and merging them again

    to the Whole they never ceased to be.

    Do not long for knowing who I am,

    don´t ask for my name,

    don´t try to grasp a shape or face,

    don´t strengthen your mind

    to localize my position.

    These movements won´t change the truth

    that I am not seperate from you.

    But they seperate you, in the way you listen and receive.

    And this, unfortunately,

    works in stressing the fancied illusion of seperation.

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    I wish to talk of the art of giving words,

    words that have the power and magic

    to break the illusion of seperation

    and let the mighty flow of love

    from the Sacred Heart in again,

    melting and merging the countless visions

    of the Me and You

    back into the source.


    words are originally meant

    as weapons of love and unity,

    but were forgotten as such ages before.

    They were forgotten,

    and the dark of fainted love and tenderness

    fell upon the mighty grave of the shining magic spell.

    And the force of seperation, rising from this grave,

    picked up the lame wings of this magic,

    put the greyish wings into false life

    and misused these word spells

    for the sake of the illusion of seperation.

    For aeons,

    words and speaking casted the spell of

    wrong and right,

    of good and evil,

    of black and white.

    The pureness was raped and forgot

    its own soul origin,

    which always was the Oneness.

    Dark covered the shining magic of spelling,

    and darkness fell upon the Earth and mounted into space,

    poisoning the heart and soul of Life,

    and awakened another illusion:

    The hollow dream of time.

    The beautiful Rose of planet Earth,

    the pure blossom of the Earthling child

    was crippled with the spell of seperation

    and its countless parts were torn apart

    and hid in the endless space of the universe

    by means of this time illusion.


    we take a rest.

    Have a last look at this picture of madness and dark,

    but know:

    It is no more.

    It is a mere and quickly fainting bad dream,

    and never has been real.

    It was made real in your mind.

    But now,

    we are all together rejoining in the heart.

    And here, no seperation is possible,

    and has never been.

    Come, come,

    my beautiful beloved Ones.

    Dive into this gentle and soothing centre of joy and peace,

    drink from the sweet and fresh waters of life!

    This is your life, this is your source!

    Here is the place we all shall meet,

    and stay, and live.

    Reach out for the hands of your Next,

    touch the hearts of your Next,

    hold your hands out on the shoulders and heads

    of your Next,

    for support, friendship, protection, salvation

    and everlasting love.


    how can I tell you about words as they are meant?

    This is not possible.

    I cannot tell about a spell.

    The mighty power, the pure magic,

    has its own force.


    here is One advice:

    The words shall come

    as ONE from ONE.

    No HERE and THERE

    No ME and YOU.


    Calm down, be quiet.

    No mouth can speak,

    no mind will know.

    The mighty dragon´s will must show.


    The mighty spell unfolds in space

    the moment ONENESS falls in place.

    Forget the YOU, forget the TIME.

    No speaking out can find the rhyme.

    The wording spell shall break the shell,

    must pour the stream of mighty scheme.


    Beware, beware,

    do not translate,

    these words can not be spoken.

    They are, they are

    in YOU, not far,

    and thus the cast is broken.


    BE ONE












    Beloves Ones,


    The darkness is ended

    and cannot come back.

    Remind the advice

    I have given you twice.

    Look ahead and head for the sun,

    love your brother as YourSelf

    and nothing can do you any harm

    any more, nevermore.

    This is an end and a beginning,

    let me see the magic unfold

    dearest flowers of Earth,

    I long to be enchanted by you.

    In deep trust and love


    I AM YOU

  • given on 29.03.2016

    LinearTime on Earth

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