The Global Network for Artists


Through the virtual Internet Festival, Musicians, Authors, and Artists get a free possibility for an ideal presentation and direct sale of their art, as this is an ever growing network for World Culture.




Whether it be a direct sale of artistic products per download, or a music-sale on demand, or a sale in the (virtual) Galeries or Auctions at the Culture Fair:

This is the market for Artists and Authors.

Neither the Festival, nor any Publishers or Intermediaries participate in the sales revenues of the Musicians, Artists and Authors. To claim these Free Services of the virtual Festival, the Artists and Authors do not even need to be members of the Society. It is enough (as soon as the Blockchain of the Fair Organisation will be installed) to open an Account for the purpose of starting direct sales of artistic products per Smart Contracts.





Our charitable Open-Source Project 21Net invites you for free presentation and direct sales of your music.




Make use of the Presentation and Distribution Tools of the Festival: Make your art known and exhibit your works in the virtual Galeries or utilize them at the Auctions of the Culture Fair21.






Make use of the possibility in the „Market for Authors“ to publish and sell your books and writings without commissions.




Step in and Join in


The aim of the Community is the promotion of World Culture of the 21st Century.



With the idea „of Artists – for Artists“ we would like to initiate and promote an Opportunity for Exchange among Global Creative Artists.

Together we can excel.



The tools for communication in the ARTIST’s NETWORK will be useful for Projects of Musicians, Artists and Authors. It is here that you can find ideal conditions, room for Presentation and possibilities for Advertising and Marketing, from the idea up to the realization of your Production.

Supportive and free tools for communication support the Creative Artists to find their audience and to be found by their audience.

For example:




For Booking or Advertising an Event, etc. – the navigation will guide exactly to the individually aimed-at spot, whether it be content-related, time-related or geographic-related. This is Search-Engine-Generation 3.0.

Our „locate21 system“ enables the Presentation and the Marketing of Products or the offer of Services in any desired geographical range:

Global, Continental, National, Regional, or in a specific Place.




For the guests at the Festival, free Service Programmes that offer various possibilities for self-realization, are ready at their disposal.

For example: Finding an ideal field of professional activity.





Or simply to magnify the competence through networking and to render reciprocative enrichment through the exchange of Ideas and Impulses.




Every visible Stage, every virtual Tent and every Booth will be made useful many thousand fold through the Locate System of the Regional Internet.


The virtual Terrain of the Festival consists of many Streets that connect the various Stages. On the left and right sides of these Streets the presence of Tents and Booths of Providers of various Services and Products can be found.

The presence of Providers of Services are located – according to the names of the Roads and Streets – in Neighbourhoods that are content-wise and topic-wise related. Thus interest-related scenes are formed on the Grounds of the Festival, that can be looked up by visitors of same interest.

The virtual identities (Avatars) are three dimensional. They can see each other and communicate with each other. Especially at the Stages and Meeting Points, people of similar interest can connect with each other.


Whether Live-Streaming for Live Transmission or Streaming of Common Recordings, the Net Festival offers every Artist and Organizer the needed tools for a Stage-Presentation.

It will also be possible that Musicians who live far apart from each other – overcoming Continental Distances – can meet on one of the Stages at the Festival for a session or for a virtual Live-Concert.

Creative Artists are offered the opportunity to transmit concerts, events and even real live festivals – or to present them as recordings on any one of the numerous Stages of the Internet Festival.

For organizing the timetable – also for a prior notice – one only needs to register the performance at an earlier date.

Throughout the environment of the act, the Artists can find optimal possibilities for Presentation, Marketing and direct Distribution at their disposal.

It is the free choice of the Initiator of any Performance, whether the Artist wants to market any of the products directly or whether they want to gift them free to the audience. The Presentation will not be archived or kept at disposal beyond the time of the performance.

The rights of all the works remain solely with the Initiators.


The Visitors arrange their own Festival-Programme.

Events can be booked according to Interest.




… or one can accept various invitations from the Regional Editorial Staff to take a dive into any of the cultural Rooms.

The multilingual Regional Editorial Staff communicate in the languages of the world and render an overview of the creativity of humanity that inhabits this planet. It will be possible for the visitor at the Festival to virtually travel into any region of the world, to explore historical, social and political backgrounds – or to enjoy the Art and Culture of the Region of any Country.


Visitors at the Festival also have various possibilities to present themselves, to communicate with each other or to arrange their own Event.





…is the individual switchboard, through which you can not only organize your personal appearance on the Internet, but that also offers you many possibilities for your personal virtual self-organization: It is your personal virtual Diary.




Beyond the free Services for Artists and Initiators participating at the Festival, – in order to be recognized by the audience – they are free to make use of the offers that serve the common welfare, like presenting virtual Fair-Booths or Circuiting a Promotion21.




Whoever desires to offer Services or Products on the Terrain of the Festival, can rent a Tent or a Fair-Booth. Tents and Fair-Booths are the virtual Presences of the Internet Festival and the World-Culture-Fair.

What is the difference between the Tents and the Fair-Booths?

The Tents are to be occupied by Private Presences attending the Festival, whereas the Fair-Booths are rather used by Commercial Traders for the purpose of Marketing. The Fair-Booths are larger than the Tents. But even the Tents can be used as Venues, for example for the purpose of Exhibition, Shops, Therapeutic Offers, Virtual Offices or Online Lectures and Seminars. Such a virtual Tent will be furnished with various modern communication media (Homepage, eMail-Address, Telephone), as well as possibilities for Presentations and Sales.


The monthly rent for a Tent and for Fair Booths is aligned according to the size of the wished for (virtual) Room and according to the chosen aimed-at Range of geographical visibility.

The rent for a Tent limited to visibility in a Region, is of course cheaper than a Tent with Nationwide visibility. A Global Presence is quite a lot more expensive than a Local one which would cost only a mere fraction of a Worldwide Presence.


Visitors at the Festival who are interested in your offers can virtually enter your Fair-Booth. They can communicate with you either verbally or by texting and make use of your offer or buy your product. The sales that are carried out by the Tent residents within the virtual Presences, (for ex. Lectures, Therapies, or Shops…) are free of commission and operate by the sole responsibility of the Tent-Operators.





The looks of a Tent or Fair-Booth in the matter of colour and virtual material can be designed free of choice. This also counts for the Shield that will point out its uses and the owner of the particular Presence. A Flag above the Tent also alerts the visitors of the Festival regarding the offer that can be found here.


The owner of a virtual Presence is free to mention opening hours or to use a Tent exclusively for Private Meetings and Events.

If needed, a rather small Tent meant for Events can be virtually enlarged for a time being, so that there will be room for hundreds or thousands, instead of only for a few virtual visitors.

Also the coverage of a Regional Tent can at times of need be extended as Nationwide or even Global. The Festival holds the needed Infrastructure ready.


The outward looks of a virtual Tent or Fair-Booth, as well as the inner furnishings, will have to be done free of choice.

Equip yourself individually!

Regarding colour and interiors, the inside of a Tent can be furnished individually. You may choose the colours of the walls and the lighting according to your wish! The standard furnishing is rather simple – but operable. More expensive furnishings can be made individually with adequate 3D Programmes or be bought from professional vendors. Certainly, before long, creative Designers who specialize in designing virtual furniture, to sell them at the Fair-Store, will be available.


Though 3D Programmes that offer possibilities for creative interior and exterior designing of the Fair-Booths are kept at a disposal, surely also professional designers will offer their services, to design your Booth according to your order. Also in regard to the furnishing that should exceed the locally offered standard-versions, it would be possible to virtually grant any order placed by the customers.






The Backstage-Area is reserved for Online Members (OM) of the COMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED cooperative and for the Artists and Sponsors. Here closed rooms for the purpose of communication can be found.

In the Backstage-Area for Online Members, organizational matters will be discussed and commonly decided. Every member of the Cooperative Society can make proposals and co-decide over proposals, whereas a single voice will vary in the range 1 – 10.

Artists, Musicians and Authors can communicate and, for example, plan common Projects.

As Initiators, Promoters also have access to the Backstage-Area. They can join in deciding for which support-worthy projects the revenue of the Internet Festival and the World Culture Fair should be Globally utilized.