The World Culture Fair of the 21st Century



If the Internet Festival takes place on a virtual Festival Terrain, the event venue of the World Culture Fair GLOBE21 is – One to One the Earth.

Together, we all are playing a great game, that is more than just a game. With our virtual identities we will soon be able to virtually travel the whole Globe.



The World Culture Fair will provide the tools to build real virtual 3D houses that are true to scale. So very soon, without having to cross miles by airplanes or by car, we can virtually travel and attend Conferences, Events or Visits, to discuss and trade face to face with the virtual identities of our partners regarding virtual matters. In deed this will mean a considerable relief on traffic.

In every Cultural Region of the Earth Establishments and Administrative Bodies for the common welfare and Regional Tourism-Information Centers can build their Online Representations on free „virtual building sites“.

The citizens can also settle Authority Courses and Official Errands without a physical appearance, as every Commission and Local Administration can establish a virtual Presence for Administrative Purposes.

The „Virtual Building Plot“ for cyberspace-housing for industrial or private usage can be rented or bought. The revenue will flow without exception to Projects of the Common Welfare.




The mirror of the World


How long is it since one rode in a carriage or on a horse, if one owned one?! Only about 150 years ago. It is but a twinkle of an eye in the history of humanity.

At first it was the technical age of machines and now it is the Internet that revolutionizes our lives in a way never known before. Today one travels by car and aeroplane, which is connected with certain problems. In the tomorrow we will virtually travel through space.

Who would have imagined a 150 years back, that humans would travel the globe virtually in the 21st Century?! The LocateSystem21 makes such travelling into every region of the world possible, without actually moving from the spot.

Explore the culture, geographical facts and traditions, the language and spiritualism of the residents of every region! Yes, communicate with them – Live!






The World Culture Fair as „Job Generator“


During the last Century, many a job has vanished into the past. For example, we can rarely find a baker, a shoemaker, or farmer, because of the technical revolution, and because of the change in consumer behaviour, and most of all, because of the digitalization and Computer Technology that have taken over many professional services. In fact many services are done more efficient, faster and cheaper through modern technology. This progressive development could result in the fact that humanity will not only have to work towards earning the daily bread, but will be able, more than ever, to unfold in creativity as never known before.

Through the supply of virtual tools towards self-realization, GLOBE21 points to new ways. With these tools everyone can create an own new virtual identity and can for example build an own virtual house. One can also order a professional online-architect for building an individual digital house to do business or inventive services in this representative office on the virtual data-highway.

Through the „Virtual Mirror of the World“ that we will create together, numerous new jobs will emerge. Here especially the media of the Global World Culture Fair for Artists, Authors, and Musicians, will create new possibilities for self-realization, that will essentially lead to a cultural awakening of humanity in the 21st Century.

It will be an interesting and valuable job to guide the „Virtual Mirror of the Earth“ towards an organic unfolding. This is a job that is creative, that brings joy to everyone, and is worth it for every participant and co-worker.






Programmers – Translaters – Editors

The Source-Code of our Open-Source-Projects belongs to all of us. We invite you for creative self-realization with self-interest. The programming work will be paid per hour or according to cost-estimate, in the currency CU, according to current day value. There is a need for translations of the programme structure of the World Culture Fair, which is a multilingual Project of the Communication-Media of humanity in the 21st Century, into all the languages of the world. The translation work will be paid per page or according to cost-estimate in the currency CU, according to current day value.




The Open Source Community 21Net is looking for Co-Workers and local Editors all over the world, who would with joy over the development of their own creative capability, join in the work with self-interest and for the welfare for all.




The Programme-Structures of the World Culture Fair will contribute to the cause of the responsible usage of the resources of the earth. On a global as well as on a regional scale, the communication tools of the Fair will facilitate to organize a fairer exchange of Food Products, Water and other Cargo – for example. Herewith we are gifted with the ability to distribute the resources of the earth in a fairer way, to develop the capability of our creativity and to engage in Global Dialog for the good of all.




Solar Energy in the Sahara Desert in Exchange for Sea Water Desalination Plants: Such are the Deals of the Future. For this purpose 21Net.Community provides Communication Tools.

Good is whatever benefits all!



After establishing the 21NetFesitval through the participation of Artists Worldwide, for which an audience will follow, Suppliers of various kinds of Products will also start to show interest.

The Exhibition Fair21 is ready with the perfect Communication Tools, for Trade, Advertisement and Presentations, that are equipped with targeted search for Information regarding Products, Producers, and Suppliers, and to find any ideal Service Provider or to offer an own Service.






On the „FAIR MARKET“, Service-Providers and Clients meet each other per Blockchain, in direct business relationship. There is no need of a third party, for ex. a Bank or the Community and there will be no claim for commission by the Cooperative Society Communications Unlimited.






This new way of advertising is discrete and will become a sought for Information. PROMOTION 21 that can be navigated accurately through the LocateSystem, will not only establish contact with Clients but will also aid in projecting the image of World Culture Promotion.

A booking promotes sales and serves the Community21.

A booking with a Local or Regional coverage is naturally much cheaper than a National or Global PROMOTION 21.








The Intention

of the 21NET.Community and of the Cooperative Society COMMUNICATIONS UNLIMITED is the earning of large means to support eligible Projects all over the world.




The revenue through Promotion21 and the rent for Fair-Booths (rent a Tent!), as well as the revenue through the Crypto-Currency CU, flow without exception into the development of 21Net and the promotion of Charitable Initiatives for the Cultural and Social Development of Humanity in the 21st Century.




Purchase one of the limited CU grant shares (FairShare). They will be entered in the hyperledger blockchain after the start of the cryptocurrency and be freely convertible.



African Drum

FairShare 3.- CU

(Limitiert: 222 Exemplare)

Earth Hang

FairShare 12.- CU

(Limit: 2000 Exemplare)

Earth Veena

FairShare 48.- CU

(Limit: 1000 Exemplare)

Earth Gong

FairShare 75.- CU

(Limitiert: 400 Exemplare)









Earth Oud

FairShare 144.- CU

(Limitiert: 200 Exemplare)

Shaman Drum

FairShare 210.- CU

(Limitiert: 100 Exemplare)

Earth Horn

FairShare 390.- CU

(Limitiert: 75 Exemplare)

Earth Bowl

FairShare 633.- CU

(Limitiert: 50 Exemplare)









Earth Harp

FairShare 999.- CU

(Limitiert: 30 Exemplare)

Earth Cello

FairShare 1.200.- CU

(Limitiert: 20 Exemplare)

Earth Piano

FairShare 4.800.- CU

(Limitiert: 10 Exemplare)

Earth Guitar

FairShare 6.933.- CU

(Limitiert: 5 Exemplare)







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